Elisse alone

June 22, 2009 at 2:38 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday I decided that it was about time Elisse learned to be a Big Girl and do things on her own without Billy holding her hand hoof.  I’ve put this off until now, cos I’m a big sook.  She was soooooo attached to Kody that I was reluctant to separate them, and she does her nut if Billy is taken away from the paddock, even when she still has Sunny in with her.  So I’ve been slack about taking her to the stables out of sight of the others cos I wasn’t sure if there would be tantrums.

But yesterday I decided to just do it, tantrums or no tantrums.  And it turned out to be no tantrums.  She yelled a couple of times and was fairly boggle-eyed, but she is boggle-eyed up at the stables anyway so was really only slightly more fidgety than normal (ie not very much, just a bit tense).  YAY!  I put her in one of the boxes for an hour and she was gawking but not stressing, and I gave her a bit of a groom.  She did one spook on the way back but was otherwise a little angel, went through the gate nicely into the paddock and waited calmly while I let her go, then high-tailed it the second she was free.  I couldn’t have asked for better really, I don’t know why I waited so long to do it!

So from now on, all handling will be done on her own at the stables and she can just get used to it and relax 🙂  She is looking great actually, has slimmed down a bit on the winter grass and is looking ready to ride again.  YAY!!!!!


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We have stables!

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