Elisse alone

Yesterday I decided that it was about time Elisse learned to be a Big Girl and do things on her own without Billy holding her hand hoof.  I’ve put this off until now, cos I’m a big sook.  She was soooooo attached to Kody that I was reluctant to separate them, and she does her nut if Billy is taken away from the paddock, even when she still has Sunny in with her.  So I’ve been slack about taking her to the stables out of sight of the others cos I wasn’t sure if there would be tantrums.

But yesterday I decided to just do it, tantrums or no tantrums.  And it turned out to be no tantrums.  She yelled a couple of times and was fairly boggle-eyed, but she is boggle-eyed up at the stables anyway so was really only slightly more fidgety than normal (ie not very much, just a bit tense).  YAY!  I put her in one of the boxes for an hour and she was gawking but not stressing, and I gave her a bit of a groom.  She did one spook on the way back but was otherwise a little angel, went through the gate nicely into the paddock and waited calmly while I let her go, then high-tailed it the second she was free.  I couldn’t have asked for better really, I don’t know why I waited so long to do it!

So from now on, all handling will be done on her own at the stables and she can just get used to it and relax 🙂  She is looking great actually, has slimmed down a bit on the winter grass and is looking ready to ride again.  YAY!!!!!


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We have stables!

Long time no post!  Well there hasn’t been much happening here to post about.  Elisse’s bandage is finally off, and her leg is looking good but still thicker than the other hind leg.  I’ll have to remember to take some pics.

The exciting news is that my dad finally finished the loose boxes in the shed that he built 8 or 9 years ago.  It has 3 vehicle bays on one end of the shed, and 2 loose boxes and a tack room at the other end.  The tack room was built years ago but the boxes never were, because that space was always used for storage.  Outside of the stable doors is a covered concrete area so for years I’ve used that area and looked wistfully at the stable doors which opened onto a boat and piles of lumber and assorted bits and pieces. 

But no more!  Because the boxes have now been finished and they are waaaay cooooool!  He’s done a really good job with them, they are solid and awesome.  Billy particularly likes them, I think he’d be happy to stay inside on winter nights if I could be bothered with all that extra work.



Elisse walked in quite happily on Monday night for her first stable experience, although she was a little fidgety.  She isn’t really google-eyed, thats just her white eye on the off-side.



The half door in front of them is a sacrifice door of thick ply, which can be easily replaced if damaged by pawing or kicking.  I thought this was a great idea to save the main stable doors from damage.


At the back of each box is an internal door into the shed, giving quick and easy access to the tack room just behind the boxes.  This shot is looking over Elisse’s back to the tackroom behind.  How lucky am I!!!!


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Wound Update – pics

 These pics are from yesterday.   The front-on pic shows quite a lot of healing (despite the blurriness)






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Billy the Doofus

This is my dimwit boy, having pushed his way under the rope into the arena then yelling at me that he was stuck in there and couldn’t get out!


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Wound update 17 March

So last night I changed the dressing, and this is what it looked like before I washed off the slime:


This is how it looked after washing, the bleeding is from the proud flesh solution – which is working! yay!


I’m really pleased with how it is looking.  The proud flesh at the top of the wound is just about back to the level it should be, check out the front view:


Poor Elisse, while her leg is healing nicely she is having other problems – her pink nose is very sore and itchy and a mass of crusty scabs!  Its not sunburn – she’s been out all summer without nose protection and she never got burnt, and last week (when this appeared) it was overcast and rainy!   I’m thinking that maybe the wound has left her a little run-down and vulnerable to other problems, and that may this is a bacterial or fungal infection?  My friend at work thinks it could be photosensitivity due to toxins in grasses.  Whatever it is, it hurts!  I’ve been putting wound cream all over it, which she doesn’t like but she tries hard to stand still for me.


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No pic today but I’m pleased to report that the proud flesh solution appears to be working – yay! 

I guess as the excess tissue breaks down it becomes stinky grey/yellow slime, cos when I took the bandage off yesterday a large amount of gloop was released which then oozed down her leg – yuck!  After I’d washed it all off, her wound was bleeding a little but is otherwise looking pretty good.  I painted on some more proud flesh solution with a wee paint brush – I hope I didn’t put too much on! 

It will be interesting to see what the wound looks like when I next change the dressing (other than slimy of course).  The wound does appear to be starting to shrink though, which is great!  Its gonna be a long, long, process though.

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Wound update

I took this pic on Sunday evening when I changed the dressing. Its got quite a bit of proud flesh again *frowns*.  The bandage had slipped a little and the top of the wound was exposed, so it is a bit drier than the lower part of the wound.

On Sunday I painted some proud flesh solution on with a cotton bud which was a pain, but I’ve just found a little art paintbrush so will use that next time, and I sure hope it works! 


This is how she looks most of the time – I like pink!  You can see the bandage bulges over the wound site, cos of the proud flesh and swelling.  bugger.


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